degen jewellers

About Us

A degenerative bunch of artistic jewellers, entrepreneurs & out of the box thinkers.

Our Vision

The physical world says it’s not possible. The digital world says anything is possible. We feel that you should be able to express yourself in the same way in both worlds. Imagine a place without bounds. Now take 65 years combined experience in jewellery manufacturing and add the artistic freedom with endless possibilities that comes from the blockchain & NFT’s. This is the place that DEGEN Jewellers call home.

What we do

We bring unique limited jewellery creations to life in the phygital world. When you buy one of our pieces, you own the NFT as well as the physical jewellery piece. Now you can showcase both your NFT & actual jewellery piece and express yourself in both worlds.

jewelry display

meet the team

justin - Honcho Degen

head of thinking up stuff

Entrepreneur, creative thinker, crypto enthusiast, making things happen, full on DEGEN.

Believes anything is possible with vision, hard work & conviction

Over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business management, marketing & everything else needed to run a business.

Actively involved in start-ups & established businesses in IT, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Tourism & Lifestyle

chantelle - co founder - boss lady

head of doing stuff

Entrepreneur, jeweller, artist, and designer.

The glue that keeps everything together.

Has corporate background in sales & marketing. Over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship & business management.

International buyer.

Believes that women can do everything a man can, just better.

Tarien - digital marketing

Marketing wizard

If the head of thinking up stuff can imagine it, this wizard can bring it to life.  

Super creative. Super capable.

Experienced in branding, marketing, e-commerce, web development, business management & boring admin stuff.

louis - lead cad designer

master of CAD

From sketch to digital masterpiece.

Over 20 years trade experience.
Award winning jewellery designer.
Qualified Goldsmith.

Believes in excellence & perfection.

“Design jewellery when you dream – shape it when you are awake – then you will have the perfect piece” 

Daryn - Lead jeweller

manifesting ideas into matter

Creative thinker, designer & fabricator.

Over 19 years trade experience.
Qualified Goldsmith.
Has traveled the world to learn different techniques of jewellery manufacturing.

“Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye”

Nazeeh - Jeweller

master of melting stuff

Dreamer, perfectionist & problem solver.

Over 25 years trade experience.
Qualified jeweller.
Believes that no 2 days should be the same and you should try to learn something new each day.

chloe - production

Production Fulfillment Quality control

Funky, artsy & creative. But don’t mess with me.

Ensures that jewellery pieces are manufactured to the highest standards, from raw materials to finished piece.

Neil - jeweller

CAD designer Jeweller

Passionate about creating jewellery that is inspired by the form, flow, and function of nature.

Over 20 years of trade experience.
Qualified Jeweller.

Likes to work with minerals, rocks, stones, and metal alloys.

Open world gamer.


wizard of art

Out of the box thinker.

Makeup artist, designer, sketcher and any other form of art.

“When it comes to designing.. Go big or go home”